How do I report violations committed by a member of Seeking? unequivocally prohibits its members from engaging in activities such as prostitution/escorting, engaging with those who are underage, threats/violence, harassment, etc. We utilize a number of tools to help detect & remove members that attempt to violate these policies.

(The link below will direct you to a relevant public announcement from Brandon Wade:

Even with these tools in place, we do rely partially on the community to be vigilant and communicative. Members are encouraged (even required) to report others whom they suspect or know to be engaging in this type of unacceptable (and, in some cases, illegal) activity.

Our Terms of Use require these steps so the proper investigation can be initiated. If appropriate, we will also take corrective action; this may include banning the offending user from the site.

If you have insight regarding users like this, even if they have blocked your profile, please feel free to provide us with any available information. This may include their username, phone number, text exchanges/screenshots, or even a timeline of when your messages took place. All of these details can help us track down the user in question. You may also send an email directly to us, in lieu of a report, if needed.

If you have access to the user's profile, follow these steps to report:

1. From their profile, navigate to the ellipsis (three dots) near the top-right of the screen (see the screenshot below).

2. From the dropdown menu that appears, select "Report (user)".

3. Next, you'll be asked to select the violation being reported and provide a clear description of the incident - you may also upload a screenshot or photo as evidence.

Please note that the user will be automatically blocked from your profile once they are reported -- this prevents them from communicating with you and from seeing your profile. This is a permanent action and cannot be reversed.

If you'd like to block someone without the need to file a report, you may select "Block" from the aforementioned dropdown menu instead of "Report".

IMPORTANT: If a user has threatened you or committed an act of violence or theft, in addition to reporting them to us, please contact your local law enforcement agency as soon as possible to file a report against the offender.  

This not only serves to protect you, but also grants us the authority to further investigate and take appropriate action against this member.

If a subpoena/police report is available, please have an attorney or police officer fax it to us at: 1-866-373-2281.

It’s also important to provide any available resources/evidence regarding the incident to This might include screenshots, text messages, photo/video, contact details, etc.

If you need help finding further support, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a dedicated resource such as one of the following:

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center  (USA)

The National Sexual Assault  Hotline (USA)
• -- (chat)
•800.656.HOPE (4673) -- (phone)

Human Trafficking Hotline (USA)
• 1 (888) 373-7888 -- (phone) -- (online)
•BeFree (233733) -- (text)

Report Child Pornography and/or Exploitation (USA)
 •Cyber Tipline
•1-800-THE-LOST (843-5678)

The National Sex Offender Registry (USA)

Anonymously Report a Crime (USA)

National Domestic Violence Hotline (USA)

Local and National Survivor Hotlines & Webchat Services (UK)

Rape Crisis Network  (Europe - plus  other regions like Australia,  Canada, Israel, Japan, etc.)

International Rape Crisis Hotlines (various countries/continents)