I'm an Attractive Member. Do you have any tips for finding a Successful match?

It can take time to find a Successful Member who also happens to be a great match -- it typically won't happen overnight.  If you're able to put in some time and patience, however, we're confident you'll eventually find the right person for you!

An interesting profile is a great place to start

Stay active -- be sure to log in regularly (or semi-regularly). It helps for others to see that you're available to contact and talk to.

Create a detailed description in your profile -- share more about yourself, what you enjoy, and what you'd like to find.

Upload more photos -- maybe consider switching them up once in a while.

Strike up conversation -- proactively reach out to other members who peak your interest. Don't be afraid to break the ice! 

Check out the Seeking Blog page for other information, such as 7 Tips for the Perfect SA Profile.

The Blog is updated with information on profile safety, advice, and discussion. You can find the Seeking Blog here.