Searches and Favorites

If I know someone's username, can I search for them from

Currently, there is not a way to search for other users based on their username. 

That said, please rest assured that our development team is working to improve the keyword search feature, in effort to produce more refined results. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding, in the meantime!

How do I know if someone has "favorited" my profile? 
How do I see who I have favorited?

At the top of the website, after logging in, you'll notice a heart-shaped icon labelled "Interests".

Clicking on this icon will allow you to see both whose profiles you have favorited and who has favorited your profile!

Additionally, an identical heart-shaped icon will be visible on every user's account -- the color of this icon indicates whether or not you have favorited that user. 

•A gray heart () means you have not favorited that user.
•A red heart () means you have favorited that user.